Notice:  We are in BETA phase right now and until our Capital Markets operate with live investment events, travel, and some level of consistency; we're going to work behind the scenes and have an amazing tool for 2021 IR planning... Our search engine works, we're adding Service Providers daily!


Thousands & Thousands of Companies trade on the various Stock Exchanges, with millions & millions of Investors supporting these stocks - how do Companies target these Investors?

SERVICE PROVIDERS... Investor Targeting Service Providers!  Companies need to engage Service Providers who have an established Investor Network.


How do you find these Service Providers?  GOOGLE?  yes, but there is a better way... CONNECT2INVESTORS!


Connect2Investors is where you'll find Service Providers! (& Target Investors!) Connect2Investors is an online directory of Investor-Targeting Service Providers!  

There are thousands of Service Providers in the world that can connect you with the investment community, offering a wide range of services; some have been around for decades, some for only a few years, new options being introduced every month, it’s challenging for companies to keep up with this rapidly evolving ecosystem – how do you keep up?  

We've built a Search Engine for you!  A Search Engine that will help you EXPLORE - EVALUATE - ENGAGE Service Providers effectively and efficiently!

Once you Register for an Account (required for the action buttons to work for you), you will have access to the Search Engine; click Search Service Providers and you will land on the Search Page.  This Page has been designed to help you narrow your search; as you will see we've split the search engine in two to accommodate the ability to search date specific ranges (conferences).  There are four search parameters we have installed to help you narrow down your search: Platform + Sector + Stock Exchange + Geographic, CLICK SEARCH and you'll be taken to the results, then be able to click on the Service Provider Profile!  

We’ll list every service provider, offer support, and provide tools (coming soon) to keep everything organized! 


We're here to help Small-Cap Companies connect with Service Providers, and Service Providers connect with Small-Cap Companies!


Search. Evaluate. Engage.


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