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Harbor Access is a Strategic Investor Relations firm with deep-rooted experience in the global capital markets. As a firm we pride ourselves on our professionalism and the support and guidance we offer our clients. We provide a full suite of IR associated services from external Investor Relations to US, Canada and European Investor Access. We believe our measured approach over time leads to a fairer valuation and a diversified shareholder base. For our clients that have an incumbent IRO, we provide a cost effective team based solution versus hiring an individual. This allows a company optionality as their IR needs evolve. In addition, Harbor Access can guide clients through the new paradigm of ESG and the various new valuation metrics associated with this latest classification.

The team at Harbor Access are regular contributors to various IR publications and conferences. We are sector agnostic with the ability to provide best in class services throughout each industry vertical. We have extensive experience with press releases as we have created, edited, and reworked hundreds of releases. Rest assured, we can help with your Press Release needs and help reduce costs associated with creating these documents. Harbor Access work hard for clients with a polished and professional attitude. Our firm is recognized by various global exchanges and trading platforms and have attained “preferred provider and partner.”






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